Everything we do at Melody the Label is driven by a conscious decision to incorporate these 4 values as best as we can: Being Sustainable, Natural, Stylish, and Functional.



100% owned and designed in New Zealand with natural fabrics, Melody The Label supports sustainable practices throughout all areas of the company and believes this is paramount for the fashion industry.

The fabrics used in our clothing are made up of sustainable fibers, designed to be very durable and last for years. This choice helps prevent massive quantities of toxic chemicals from harming our environment, and also protects the health of the farmers and manufacturers involved.

Not wanting to waste any fabric, off-cuts from the fabrics we use are made into scrunchies and baby headbands by New Zealand mothers for other mums. (Coming soon!!)

Our courier bags used to mail your garments are biodegradable and compostable – preventing plastic from ending up in landfill.



We believe that not only should we look after and care for the planet our children will spend their futures in, but also protect our babies and ourselves from the harmful toxins and potential side-effects that come with synthetic clothing. Babies spend a massive chunk of their early lives snuggled up breastfeeding against their mother’s clothing, so it’s really important for them to be surrounded by a non-toxic, natural environment, allowing them to regulate their body temperatures efficiently. Choosing natural fabrics decreases the demand for synthetic fabrics, which are not biodegradable or environmentally friendly.

Natural fabrics allow for more breathability, have high moisture absorption, are biodegradable, and are hypoallergenic.



After being pregnant for 9 months and then finally holding your precious bundle in your arms, nothing feels worse than reaching back for your baggy stretched clothing designed for pregnancy! This is why at Melody the Label, each piece of clothing is designed to be fashionable, stylish, and trendy – so that you as a busy mum, have one less thing to worry about when quickly getting ready. Gone are the days of being a frumpy breastfeeding mum! Hello to feeling confident, empowered, and beautiful – all while going about your busy day!


Functional and Effortless

All Melody the Label clothing is designed, tried and tested to be as functional for breastfeeding as possible. With discreet zips or lift up access for effortless breastfeeding, your precious little one can conveniently feed without exposing you – giving you the freedom to confidently breastfeed anywhere. Able to be worn during a busy day at home, or dressed up classy for going out, each piece of clothing is very versatile, allowing you more time to focus on what’s important.


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