GOTS certified

Finding the perfect fabrics to design breastfeeding wear was not an easy task at first, as we were adamant we only wanted sustainable and safe fabrics that were also 100% natural and made entirely from plants. Currently, most fabrics available for clothing are a blend of natural and synthetic, which we aren’t willing to compromise with. We extensively searched for and consciously chose high quality sustainable and natural fabrics made without any harmful synthetic fibers, to protect not only you and your precious baby, but also our beautiful planet and environment. As of November 2020, all of our garments have been produced from GOTS and OCS 100 certified fabric. See HERE for more info on what this means for our clothing.

We love hemp for so many reasons! Hemp is a highly sustainable, low impact plant that has been the most popular choice of fabric for the majority of the last 7000 years, and was probably the earliest plant cultivated for textile fiber. It retains colour better than any other fabric, filters harmful UV light, is extremely strong and durable, uses almost no water to grow, is absorbent, is anti-microbial, is fully biodegradable, is very soft against skin, dries extremely quickly, and actually becomes softer with each wash! As it doesn’t require harsh chemical herbicides to grow, hemp is naturally organic and an amazing choice of fabric for near babies' bodies.


Made from Lyocell plant fibres, Tencel is paving the way in luxurious sustainable and natural man-made fabrics! Produced from wood cellulose or pulp, especially from the Eucalyptus, Oak or Birch trees, Tencel fabric was first developed in 1972.  It boasts 100% biodegradability, extreme durability, zero irrigation or pesticide use during the growth of the trees, and no harmful by-products left over during production, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics in use today. It feels very soft, gentle, light, and comfortable. It is highly absorbent, giving the owner an amazing experience every time they wear it. Being wrinkle resistant, no time will be wasted ironing! This high quality fabric will have you never wanting to wear synthetics again!


Also one of the world’s oldest sustainable fabrics, linen is made from the flax plant and feels very soft, comfortable and luxurious. Grown organically without the use of pesticides, it is hypoallergenic and a natural antiseptic (perfect for being near babies!). Being very durable and extremely strong, linen clothing will last for many years. It is the perfect fabric for Summer as it is breathable and absorbs water quickly, evaporating any liquid very efficiently, leaving you feeling dry and cool. Linen also acts as an extremely efficient insulator, meaning it is an excellent fabric choice for Winter. Produced from 100% natural flax fibres, it is entirely biodegradable ad recyclable.

Organic Cotton
Dating back to 600BC, cotton is a sustainable natural fiber that is extremely comfortable and has many amazing benefits. Being naturally absorbent, the moisture wicking properties of cotton make it perfect for hot summer days! It breathes so much better than synthetic fabrics, and is especially designed to keep you dry and cool when sweaty. Cotton is very durable and anti-pilling, which means your garments should be long-lasting. Naturally hypoallergenic, organic cotton is safer for you and your Bubba.
Biodegradable and Compostable Courier bags
The courier bags we use to send your items, are biodegradable and ready for your compost bin (or recycled if turned inside out)! Made from plants and non-toxic inks, our bags are an amazing sustainable alternative to standard courier bags. While constantly on the quest to become more sustainable, these bags will require the removal of any labels/stickers before being composted. The adhesive strip on the bag can be recycled with your other soft recycle items.