To further increase the longevity of your Melody The Label designs, the best practice you can adopt is to be very conscious of how you wash and dry your garments.

Here are some simple steps you can take at home:

 -Keep washing to a minimum (due to the garments containing ONLY natural fibers, you will not need to wash them as often)

-Use environmentally friendly detergents

-Handwash all dresses in COLD water.

-All tops can be gently machine washed in COLD water

-Spin and wash in an ECO friendly lingerie bag

-Line Dry OR lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight

-Wash dark colours separately

-Do not spot clean

-Do not bleach

-Do not tumble dry

-Warm iron

Amazingly, Hemp and Linen clothing become softer the more you wash them! However, they could shrink if washed in hot water or if tumble dried.