The Waikato Home Birth Association supports women’s choice in birthing their babies. They have a special commitment to, and belief in, home birth as the optimal choice of birthing for most well women and babies. They encourage women to actively explore and research all their options and to make choices for a better birthing experience. If you live in the Waikato region of New Zealand, and are interested in finding out more about homebirth, you can read more here: HERE
At Melody The Label, we deeply care about giving mothers the best choices and options for their own unique birthing experiences. We want women to always feel empowered to have the safe and incredible birth they desire. We have teamed up with the Waikato Home Birth Association to help support their mothers in their birth and mothering journeys.
Collective Shout is a not-for-profit grassroots campaign movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls. It is
Everyday our young people are exposed to more brands continuing to sexualise girls and objectify women. At Melody The Label, we are extremely passionate about putting a stop to this, and have chosen to give away 5% of our profits to Collective Shout.
You can also help bring change to this sexploitation and prevent the devastating effects it has on young people. By purchasing a Melody The Label garment, you are standing up for women and helping stop companies from degrading them.