QnA with Jacqui - Clothing Pattern Technician for Melody The Label

We are incredibly privileged at Melody The Label to work with such a talented and lovely pattern and design technician who is also based here in New Zealand. Once I create a new design I would like to sample, Jacqui is more than happy to work with me, providing ideas and support for all the technical side of pattern making. She really brings the ideas in my head to life! Seeing a completed garment is one of the most exciting aspects of running this small business.

I recently asked her a few questions so you could have a better understanding of how Melody The Label creates its designs.

1. General information about you: do you have any children/husband, what is your qualification, where did you study? Etc

A couple of decades ago I studied at Massey University and came out with a degree in fashion!  Shortly afterward...I married my long time boyfriend and had a couple of kids.  Since then I’ve juggled working from home somewhat successfully with seeing their lovely faces.

2. Do you love fashion? What is your personal style?

I do love fashion!  I’m not very good at styling, but I love the craft of clothing and I’m one of those people who can’t help stroking fabrics in a fashion or fabric store.

3. What do you do for work?

I would call myself a clothing technician/design development person.  Basically my work involves helping designers with the technical aspects of clothing to bring their ideas to life and then putting those products into production. 

4. Do you enjoy your work? What is your favourite aspect?

I do love my job.  It’s really hard work and sometimes overwhelming but addictive at the same time.  My favourite aspect is watching a 2D drawing turn into a beautiful 3D object that people fall in love with.

5. What has been your favourite clothing item of all time that you have created a pattern for?

Ohhh, that’s so hard to answer!  I think I’ve gotten the most wear lately out of a vest coat one of my customers designed last year.  It’s so perfect for this climate.

6. What does a regular working week day look like for you?

A bit of everything! Haha!  I don’t think I’ve ever had one day which was the same as any others!  I guess that’s what keeps my job so interesting…

7. How do you spend your weekends?

I’ve just taken up hiking with my girlfriends and I look forward to any time we can get away together.  If I’m at home I’m usually relaxing on the couch reading or watching a movie cuddling my younger “baby”.

8. What does your job involve for Melody The Label?

Christina and I work through each design’s details together carefully before I start the pattern work and paperwork to send to the factory so that they can interpret the pattern and sew it up correctly.

boys at Melody The Label

(My boys playing while Jacqui and I discuss patterns)

9. What is one tip you would give for those interested in a career in fashion?

Sew! Sew! Sew!  It helps so much for you to have a good understanding of garments and how they go together as it makes things so much easier when working with your suppliers.  It’s not essential, but it does help.

10. Do you sew many of your own clothes?

Boy I would love to sew more for myself but sitting down at the sewing machine can feel a bit too much like work on the weekends etc. so I don’t do it as much as I’d like.  I guess that’s the downside of working in the fashion industry!

Melody The Label Breastfeeding Shirts

(2 of the designs Jacqui and I have created together)


To see some of the garments that Jacqui and I have created together, head HERE.

Also, stay tuned for more designs coming out in time for Spring and Summer 2020!

Lots of love,

Christina xoxo




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