8 Self Care Ideas for Busy Mums..that don't cost a fortune!

And the best part is, you can do most of these while your children play around you!

Self Care seems to be a hot topic amongst Mums these days – and I can understand why! If Mums nourish and care for themselves, they will be motivated and empowered to care for their children and families SO much better! But if you’re social media feed is anything like mine, you’re probably tired of seeing photos of mums in the bath surrounded by candles, or hearing about the latest beauty treatment you don’t have time for (Is having to arrange a babysitter really worth it?!).

So here are 8 ideas or activities you can implement straight away to boost your mood, protect your emotional and mental well-being, and result in you being a better more happy mum!


Ideas for Busy Mums – In no particular order 😊

1. Get dressed in the morning!

How many times have you woken up and stayed in your pjs all morning? Did you feel very productive or respectable? I know for me, if I don’t put 5-10 minutes into getting changed and dressed for the day, I feel HORRIBLE, lazy, and definitely don’t feel ready to tackle the day ahead. Getting dressed can look different for every mum – some might feel more empowered wearing makeup, others in their gym clothes, or maybe for you, you feel your best in your gorgeous dresses you hardly ever get to wear! Figure out what makes you feel the best, and do that first thing in the morning. Then you’ll be ready to hit the shops, talk to the postman, and own the day as a strong mum!

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 2. Eat a simple breakfast and lunch

Nooo body has time to spend hours in the kitchen all day (especially when your toddlers are hanging off each arm and leg right?!) So keep your breakfast and lunch SIMPLE. Find what nourishes you and makes you feel the best, and plan ahead for that. I love to eat soaked oats for breakfast (with coconut yoghurt, fruit, and plant milk), and either homemade bread, leftover dinner, or a smoothie for lunch. Make sure you enjoy it, and set yourself up for success. And look forward to maybe having a bit more time and energy left over to cook a scrumptious dinner. And if you don't have time to cook dinner every night, one idea I've found helpful is to buy a large cooking pot, and make a week's worth of meals at once to freeze for the future.

3. Get out into nature, sit down, and watch your kiddies play

When your children are playing up, too noisy, giving you a headache, or in desperate need of burning off energy, get out of the house and hit the beach or a park. This requires barely any energy from you, and you can sit there and relax while they happily play. From my own experience as a mum, my boys are happiest when they are outside in nature. And this is also when they disrupt me the least! When you’re finished the trip, your children will be happier too and you’ll be more relaxed. It’s a win win 😊

 4. Invest in a beautiful bedroom for yourself

How much time do we spend in our bedrooms as new mums?? Too much I couldn’t even count! Knowing this, having a gorgeous, well decorated, tidy, clean, peaceful bedroom will help SO much with your mood and relaxation as a busy mum. For me, mess and clutter instantly stress me out. So I've realised my bedroom CANNOT have that. I have found that if my room is set up exactly how I want it, it can be a safe haven where I can unwind from the day. I really look forward to being in there and retreating there whenever I need to. So invest in your bedroom. Buy those beautiful cushions, dried flowers, and linen sheets you’ve been dreaming of. Keep the clutter (and toddlers!) out. Make a ‘no toys in my room’ policy. And enjoy your peaceful little sanctuary.

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5. Catch up with your Mum friends

Any time you get the chance to leave your children, make a plan to see your mum friends. So many benefits can be had by hanging out with other mums - toddler free - and fully relaxing and sharing your crazy stories about mum life. My friends and I aim for a Mum's Night without our children once a month + the occasional other activities. I always look forward to this time, and have found motherhood so much more enjoyable and manageable knowing I’m not going it alone and we’re all in the same stage of life. When you find your mum tribe, encourage and be there for them. If your circle isn't in the same baby boat as you, why not take the initiative and start your own with some new contacts? Prenatal classes/play centers are a really great way to make new mum friends.

6. Buy the clothes that make you feel gorgeous

A lot of mums put their children’s appearance and trendy clothes ahead of their own wardrobe. I’ve got to admit, seeing my boys all dressed up looking fashionable with gel in their hair and wearing cute outfits, definitely makes me feel proud!! But, we need to also think about what we are wearing and how we look and feel. Do our clothes make us feel beautiful? Strong? Empowered? Stylish? On trend? Are they durable? Made from gorgeous fabrics? If we love what we are wearing, and invest in quality, versatile pieces, we can feel SOOO much more confident – especially as pregnant or breastfeeding Mums!  There are so many things that seem to sap the confidence out of mums – don’t let your clothes be one of them! Buy the flattering dress you’ve been eyeing off. Order that breastfeeding tshirt so you can rock breastfeeding in public….and then notice how much better and more ready you are to get out and enjoy life with your babies. Have you seen our maternity & breastfeeding clothing range? Have a look HERE! (and don’t worry! We have free shipping within New Zealand & Australia).

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 7. Have a day off each week

Mums are SUPER BUSY. We get exhausted beyond measure, and hardly get the chance to refuel. What if we all had 1 day each week where we didn’t do the washing or cleaning, had a simple or takeaway meal for dinner, had time to read a book, turned off our phone, and focused solely on resting and enjoying the day? I definitely don’t mean leaving your children behind, and hitting the shops or salon for the day. I’m talking more about doing all the mundane jobs the other 6 days of the week, and planning and preparing to have 1 day free from those busy mum activities that sap you of your energy. I really like to follow the example given in God's creation of the world --  I believe He made it in 6 days, and then rested on the 7th. I have found throughout my life (even my crazy hectic University and High School teaching days), that if I take a whole day off from ‘work’, not only do I really look forward to this day all week, but I am so much more energetic, empowered, and ready to face whatever comes! You might think your life will fall to pieces if you try this – but give it a go and see. You might be really surprised at how well it works for your mind and body! (and family).

8. Do quick energetic workouts at home

We all know how beneficial exercise is, but we also know how difficult it can be trying to get to the gym or out of the house to exercise regularly! Doing quick 15-30 minute workouts  on your lounge room floor is the perfect solution to looking after your body physically, while also looking after your young children at the same time. You do not need to arrange babysitting or pay membership fees for this…just jump on Youtube, and find the quick fast workouts that suit you! And don’t believe anyone that says you can’t get results at home – you absolutely CAN...and in only 20 minutes a few times a week. My personal favourite Youtube channels are ‘Madfit’ and ‘Blogilates’. If your children are like mine, they will try to climb all over you while you do this. You can either embrace the extra weight, or, get them a towel to sit on and copy you. Maybe grab some toys too. You’ve got this! And you will feel so much better once you start.

Hope you Mums got something out of this Self Care list. Let me know if you liked the ideas! And definitely drop a comment if you have any others. Let’s all help inspire and make Mum Life that much better!

Christina xoxo

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